Online Digital Marketing, VIDEO MARKETING, Web, Social Media Management


Solving complex branding challenges with a digital design perspective

Amy Jackson is brand designer and digital experience professional who thinks strategically and executes across every aspect of print and digital marketing communications.

Amy applies her exceptional combination of skills to not only helping companies develop their name, brand story and visual system, but also gain visibility through responsive website, software and mobile application design. She also helps companies grow their digital footprint by building online marketing campaigns through SEO, Pay Per Click Advertising and Insights Marketing.

With almost eight years of experience, Amy today partners with consulting companies such as working with well-known corporations and non-profits mostly in the Healthcare, Banking, Educational, and several law firms to design visual branding systems and sophisticated digital marketing solutions.

Amy’s unique background as an entrepreneur, graphic designer and former Agency Recruiter specializing in Healthcare and IT, brings a rare combination of creative and technical talent to every opportunity. She is passionate about products and services that deliver on their promises clearly and succinctly. A firm believer that “simpler is better,” Amy’s professional style is to work with agility and focus, solving challenges quickly and efficiently while collaborating openly with clients and partners alike. If you need to get your brand or digital efforts on track, whether as a prospect or a partner, please contact Amy.

Mobile: 901-378-1721

Capabilities For a Connected Future
Brand Strategy & Positioning
Brand Identity & Visual System
Web, Mobile & Digital Experience
Google Analytics


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